Heidi Frank.

Heidi Frank is everyone but no one.
All while Heidi Frank isn't physically a person she is in everyone of us that loves to express our personality through the clothes we choose to wear.

Founders Hayley & Meagan have a love of beautiful fabrics that bring their designs to life.

Heidi Frank is brought to life on Instagram by brand manager Kaille who's energy and passion for fabrics, colour, prints and design is contiguous.

The Heidi Frank Journey.

Heidi Frank originally started off being proud made in New Zealand. Unfortunately due to covid we were unable to import the fabrics we need from China to continue our production on NZ shores. While we desperately tried to find ways to continue our dream we put Heidi Frank into hibernation.

After six months we visited Vietnam in the hopes of filling a container of fabric to send back to NZ for production but we unable to buy enough bulk to make this viable. Whilst in Vietnam we meet with family friends of Ginny's (Hayley's sister in-law) who owned a garment factory ini Ho Chi Minh City.

Hayley and Meagan were extremely impressed with the working conditions and quickly established a relationship where we could produce Heidi Frank but ensure low production numbers to avoid mass production and wastage.

Fast forward to today and Heidi Frank is out of hibernation and showing her true colours loud and proudly.


Part of our main missions is to reduce wastage. We do this by releasing small collections regularly so nothing is mass produced. With environmental consciousness more important than ever, the way we live our lives is changing. When you make a choice to invest in new clothes, it’s important to make what you buy matter. That means your clothing should transcend the seasons, it needs to be high quality, and made in styles that will stand the test of time. Our priority at Heidi Frank is to offer you all of the above.


Heidi Frank is very much a small team effort. Best friends Hayley & Meagan work along side Hayley's brother and sister in-law Nathan & Ginny. Brand manager Kaille fits in like family making it the absolute dream team.