Our carefully crafted pieces are for people who love a feminine twist on modern, minimalist styles. You know who you are, and you don’t become someone else, because a situation expects it. You wear what makes you feel good… with an air of confidence and a little edge you will breeze your way through any occasion in Heidi Frank. 

Subtle as she is beautiful, this brand is all about natural fibres, high quality fabrics, and using the fall of fabric to compliment your body.  

With lifestyle, balance, and the environment more important than before, the way we live our lives is changing. When you make a conscious choice to invest in new clothes, it’s important to make what you buy matter. That means your clothing needs to transcend the seasons, it needs to be high quality, and a style that stand the test of time. It needs to be designed + made here in New Zealand.  When you make Heidi Frank your choice, you are empowering New Zealand Made, your supporting our economy, and you are becoming an ambassador for our brand.

Gone are the days of saving a new dress for a special occasion. At Heidi Frank we wear our special pieces every day, sometimes dressed-up, often dressed-down. We believe in minimalism, authenticity and doing what we love + doing it well.



Part of our mission is to reduce wastage and support the New Zealand clothing manufacturing industry. We do this by managing demand through our pre order system, and releasing clothes monthly so nothing is mass produced.

While favourite pieces are often brought back in new colourways or patterns, each piece in our collection is limited and that is purely intentional. Love this
The first week of each month is the time to keep your eye out on our social pages for updates of the next release, and to pre-order your favourite looks.  


Heidi Frank is created by a passionate group of women (and a couple of men) in Marlborough New Zealand. With an eye for detail, and existing systems in place, this small team facilitate the production of high quality New Zealand designed and manufactured clothing. Ingrid our creative director, works with the wider team, her role is to create pieces that embody the edgy and confident vibe of Heidi Frank. 

Behind the design team is our extremely talented manufacturing team. Our goal to deliver high quality New Zealand made clothing is only possible because these amazing people believe in our brand. They understand that for a customer to return and buy from Heidi Frank again, every single garment that leaves our warehouse must be meticulously checked and made with absolute care and attention. We value every single person who makes our clothing, and we know that by prioritising the source of the clothes we wear, we contribute to a stronger New Zealand and a better fashion industry. Love this

We can’t wait to help work your Heidi Frank pieces effortlessly into your current lifestyle and wardrobe

 Love from Ingrid and the team at HF x