We can’t wait to help work your Heidi Frank pieces effortlessly into your current lifestyle & wardrobe. We want to make sure you have your Heidi Frank for almost forever & to do so, we want to ensure its being washed, worn & loved to make it go that extra mile! 

Owning linen doesn’t need to be difficult, or scary - But it does require a little more love than man-made synthetic fibres. So, we’ve created your all-in-one guide with a few simple steps, so you get it right!

There are a few no-no’s when loving your linen: 

  • No warm or hot water 
  • Absolutely no driers 

At first caring for your first piece of linen can seem overwhelming, but I promise you it becomes second nature quite quickly. You might find there are other delicate pieces in your wardrobe that last longer with a little more love. 

  • Spot clean where possible. Prior to washing - this targets the area with the mark or stain but prevents washing the whole garment if you’ve spilt a little breakfast down your front. 
  • You can hand or machine wash your linen. Machine wash is efficient & does a great job, but we recommend using a ‘hand wash’ or ‘delicate’ cycle on your machine. Washing your Heidi Frank pieces on one of these cycles is recommended as it will help increase the life span of your garments. Using a harsh spin cycle can weaken the fabrics fibres and cause damage to your much loved piece.
  • Wash with like colours, separate your lights from darks so the colours don’t bleed. 
  • Cold water wash ONLY & use gentle detergents - no bleach or harsh chemicals which could break down the fibres. 
  • Once the garment has been washed & water rung out. Flick the garment with two hands to stretch it back into shape. Ensure the arms are pulled out & shoulder seams straight. The open weave of some of our linen fabrics means that the material can be manipulated when washing so its crucial to ensure its shape before drying. Lay flat or hang to dry. 
  • Once dry, use a hot iron to press the garment, ensuring the fibres are back in its original shape. Alternatively a steamer may be used, but it is not ideal for some of our lighter weave garments and more suited to removing creases. 

Other tips/tricks: 

  • Minimise washing, linen is a natural, breathable fabric with delicate fibres. The less you wash your garment, the less its beaten around in a washing machine, the longer life it’ll have. The breathable open weave fibres allow airflow. We recommend unless the garment is physically dirty or there is an aroma, spot cleaning any marks or washing every second wear - where possible. 
  • We offer a mixture of 100% Linen to Linen/Blend garments, the Linen Blend garments are great as they reduce the natural creasing of the garment, so you don’t look as tousled. 
  • There is a small 2-4% shrinkage when first washing, bare this in mind with fit & length when purchasing, if it’s a bit borderline in fit remember that it’s not going to stretch, but the opposite. 
  • Did your partner do the washing for you trying to be helpful and somehow your Heidi Frank wound up in the drier or a hot wash? Eeep, we've been there - and we know the feeling! A few suggestions are... soak it in some fabric softener (not for too long) whilst the garment is wet, stretch it back out & re-manipulate the fabric along all the seams. Rinse, and repeat the washing steps above paying extra attention to flicking it into shape & hanging to dry from wet (no spin cycles).  Once your garment is dry use a HOT iron to press it back into shape. Your garment won't quite be the same, but will be an improvement from its hot wash state.
With love, The HF Team x

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